Do you ever wonder what life would be like if understood and truly lived through Mary’s eyes? What about her heart? Can we really ask to obtain her heart and all of the qualities contained therein? Author Fr. Edward Looney believes so. In his Introduction to A Heart Like Mary’s: 31 Daily Meditations to Help You Live and Love As She Does, Fr. Looney explains how he once believed he had a Marian heart until a fellow priest gently challenged him otherwise. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that a truly Marian heart is one that mirrors Mary’s. Her extraordinary virtues, such as humility, generosity, trust, etc. are what made her heart so pure and holy. We can have a heart like hers, too, if only we ask.

A Heart Like Mary’s is best read as part of daily devotional reading, particularly during the Marian months of May or October (as the author suggests), but can be also read as part of a Marian novena or even a Marian consecration. I actually have found the book to be profoundly helpful in putting into practice the devotions I first began when I initially made my Marian consecration over 15 years ago. Fr. Looney really makes those practices come alive through each short chapter, based on a corresponding day of the month.

Each chapter includes a short Scripture verse, a reflection, a challenging question (perhaps to journal or for further prayer), and a concluding prayer. The daily virtues and explanations are so clear, so helpful, so profound. I have noticed I am praying with this book every day as I open the day with the Mass readings. I have found that each day has a particular gem of wisdom that I needed to read, and I always end up journaling a quote from Fr. Looney.

To anyone who longs to love as Mary loves, to understand her role more deeply in our salvation, read A Heart Like Mary’s. This would make a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day, to a person entering the Church through RCIA at Easter, for a woman’s birthday or even a high school or college graduation gift.

Text (c) Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.