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Fun Facts About Me

I have varied interests, from home canning and food preservation to homesteading and natural living. In addition, I consider myself an oenophile and prefer wine tastings of dry reds paired with a really good quality cheese.  My husband and I love to travel, though we haven’t been able to explore the globe with two small children at home (both with special needs), so we have attempted “staycations” and truly enjoy the haunts and hideaways in our own backyard.  At any given moment, I am most likely writing or reading – preferably nonfiction and usually memoirs.
Just like my interests, my passions are many and varied.  I have always loved being present to people, to listen with the heart and help clarify people’s thoughts that they express to me. At one point, I was able to fulfill this natural gift as a counselor.  I believe that the human person has integral dignity and should be valued and respected, especially in his or her most vulnerable states (e.g., the unborn, the disabled, the elderly).  I have a heart for animals – especially dogs – and consider them part of the family.  I love to read, to write, to sing and listen to music, to watch good movies and share stories over a glass of wine (no coffee, please).
As a naturally gifted speaker, I have begun to speak at conferences, as well as participate in webinars and a variety of podcasts and radio interviews. I’d like to start my own podcast on grief. But my all-time, biggest dream is to reach people in most need by founding a grief apostolate that provides salve for the wounds of the heart as a parish-based ministry.
Since childhood, I have longed to become a published author. More recently that dream is coming to fruition through my first collaborative book, “Navigating Deep Waters: Meditations for Caregivers,” which is co-authored by my mentor and friend, Eileen Benthal. In addition, I finished a book that showcases my spiritual journey as it relates to my life as a caregiver and my understanding of grief and loss, entitled From Grief to Grace, which was released by Sophia Institute in 2016. Most recently, my devotional, A Sea Without A Shore, was published in late 2016. My current projects include two manuscripts that are complete, and I’m trying to find publishers for them. Writing is a way for me to reach more people than what’s possible in my little rural community. I can reach hearts and change lives, and that’s what drives me to share through writing books and articles.

I believe that the world has enough tension, violence, and conflict – but not enough empathy, interior peace, and charity.  Society tells us to seek happiness, to chase the American Dream – but I believe we should be content with simple joys that can be found in quiet ways each day.

I don’t think you have to be credentialed in professional writing or editing in order to become successful in the industry.  I am proof of that.  My college degrees are in Psychology (B.A.) and School Counseling (M.S.Ed.), and I knew nothing about query letters or protocol in the publishing world.  Today, I am a fulfilled part-time editor (developmental, content, copy, and proofreader) for indie authors, as well as a hybrid author (both self- and traditionally published).

Bottom line is this: Dream big, and don’t let any obstacles impede your success.  Perseverance is key to fulfilling the heart’s longings.

When I was old enough to write, I developed a dream of becoming a published author.  The pragmatic side of me took over when I became a young adult entering college, so I nixed that authentic call in favor of something more comfortable and secure: counseling.

Today I see how my experience as a counselor and natural talent for writing and editing is a perfect marriage, really.  The skills I learned in counseling – active listening, empathy, open-ended questions – all serve me well as a writer of the heart.  I reach people where they are.

My ultimate goal through my writing and editing is threefold:

  1. I want people to know that they are not alone.  Loneliness is a horrific, dark place of emptiness, and my hope is that, through my writing people will find solace in their struggles;
  2. Books change lives, and I want mine to open people’s minds and hearts to possibility.  We live in a world of uncertainty and instability.  My books focus on finding meaning, joy, and hope in the midst of waiting.
  3. My favorite word is encounter.  I believe everything we do is of no value unless we are intentional in how we connect with others.  Encountering others means we reach them at the heart level and journey with them there.  My writing always has an underpinning of the importance of this human encounter, and I try to live it on a daily basis, as well.


I have worked with Jeannie on two projects now and truly appreciate her professional expertise, her gentle-yet-firm instruction, and accommodation to my crazy schedules. Above all is her obvious Catholic Christian witness, which is at the heart of our joint work as we try together to share our Catholic faith. I certainly trust her, not only in her commitment to Christ, but also in her mind-blowing ability to correctly place all that annoying punctuation where it needs to go!
Teresa Hurst
“Are you are looking for an editor or ghostwriter that is easy to work with, professional, competent, honest, and able to question and clarify? Then Jeannie is perfect for your job. You will want to also be a writer who is able to be honest and communicative of your needs. If you are a critical and harsh person, do not apply. Jeannie is a gentle spirit, guided by the Holy Spirit and a blessing to work with.

I was a newbie as an author, and Jeannie very patiently led me through the process. I ended up with a product that was my story, yet polished and professional.”

Rita Weigel
“In the finishing stages of my second book, Transparent in Cloud and Flame, I needed an editor. But who? My book of Catholic prayer poetry would require very specific substantive and stylistic skills.

Jeannie Ewing is not only an excellent editor, but also a perceptive interpreter of meaning. She is the capable editor companion and kindred spirit. We have parallel interests and career paths, as we are each wives, mothers, writers, counselors and coaches.

Not only did I need a person to identify issues of spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also someone with a keen heart and skilled insight, so that I could be sure that the words I wrote actually meant what I thought they meant. Jeannie Ewing exemplifies the talents of a highly competent editor.”

Jane Santacruz




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