Teresa-21Most people are familiar with the newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta, mainly because she was such an iconic figure during her lifetime.  Many have openly shared their experiences meeting her face-to-face or exchanging letters and even short conversations that profoundly touched their lives.

But some of us, yours truly included, were never privileged to meet St. Teresa in our lifetime.  We saw her on TV or the news and admired her from afar, but we didn’t know her personally.  Author and editor Heidi Hess Saxton was one such person who was drawn to St. Teresa’s life and spirituality long before she converted to Catholicism.  In her new book, Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta: Daily Meditations, she shares the wealth of information she learned about St. Teresa and relates each nugget of wisdom to her own life’s journey.

Even more, Saxton offers corresponding daily Scripture verses that follow the Advent liturgical calendar, making this book one that can be revisited each new (liturgical) year for meditation and reflection.  What makes Advent with Saint Teresa so beautiful is, not only the simple yet profound message of holiness from St. Teresa, but also how Saxton so deeply connects St. Teresa’s spirituality with pertinent questions that truly challenge and encourage the reader to grow and become more during this season of waiting and preparation.

Each meditation concludes with a short prayer, always with the punctuation, “Saint Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!”  Even during the unfortunate frenzy of this time of year, everyone can find about 3-5 minutes of their day to read and apply the principles found in this book.

Text Copyright 2016 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.