In the flurry of activity that followed my book’s release in May, one of the interview requests I received was from Fr. Ron Lengwin on CBS Pittsburgh radio.  He has a slot on secular AM radio, a show called Amplify.  Originally, he asked if I could be interviewed for two hours, but the show started at 9 P.M. Eastern, and one hour was all I could muster with my early-to-bed-early-to-rise schedule.

Fr. Ron was a gracious host, and I was truly astounded at the excerpts he chose to read from my book.  In fact, I was humbled, because I had forgotten what I wrote.  And the way he read every word was so eloquent and so Spirit-filled that I found myself inspired all over again.

You see, when you write a book, the words become stale and old after you’ve seen them umpteen times because of edits and book signings and such.  But when someone who’s only recently read your book speaks as if the words come alive on the page, well, that’s a beautiful thing.

So Fr. Ron’s interview was one of the more spiritually enlightening ones I’ve had.  Every interviewer obviously has a different personality, and many shows are fast-paced for the modern listener.  But Fr. Ron took time with the book and its concepts.  He slowed down and encouraged his listeners to do so, as well.

I’ve been procrastinating this post, because I’ve asked to have a copy of the mp3 file for those of you who might want to listen to the interview.  Alas, Fr. Ron recently shared that he hadn’t forgotten, but that I would need a CD of the interview to download manually.  Therefore, if I never get a copy of it, just know that books really do come alive when you give them a chance to speak directly to your heart.

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