I was honored to participate in Elizabeth Reardon’s RealLife Radio Show, An Engaging Faith.  It’s so funny how I am asked similar questions by radio show hosts, and yet the shows almost always go in a completely different direction from one another.

I’m always asked the following:

  • What is Apert Syndrome?  Tell us your story about Sarah.
  • What it is like to be a parent of children with special needs?
  • Tell us how you started your blog and why you named it Love Alone Creates.

Truthfully, everything about where I am now has been a process…a beautiful, messy, transformative – often frustrating and difficult – process.  If someone had told me two years ago that I would have been interviewed on over half a dozen radio shows, including NPR, I would have laughed at them hysterically!  I mean, I’ve always been an introvert, and yet I do recall a fire burning within me from a young age…

…That fire was a call to mission, and though it may seem insignificant (at least it does to me at times), there’s something really big brewing under the surface of it all.  Despite the fact that perhaps few people have heard me speak or actually take the time to listen to these radio interviews or podcasts, I really do know that one day they will.

One day people will know about this incredible message about life, love, mystery, growing in holiness amidst the messiness and ugliness of life, loving God and being angry with Him, expressing frustration in the everyday tedium, etc.  One day people will look at these posts and think, Oh, wow, this is where Jeannie Ewing got started?  Cool!

So please enjoy this interview with Elizabeth.  I hope you check out her blog and radio show, which airs LIVE at 4 PM EDT/EST daily.  She was a gem to speak with, and the interview basically went in the direction of talking more about what life is like as a special needs mom and some of the challenges and hurdles we’ve overcome along the way.

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