Postceremony_Jeannie_Ben_Courtyard_KissBen and I met in 2006 via a match website, and we were married 10 months later.  My background is in school counseling; I have a BA in Psychology and MSEd in School Counseling, working as a freshman/sophomore counselor for 1 year before becoming a full-time homemaker in 2009.  Ben works as a Technical Director for a local iron castings company and specialized in Metallurgy after receiving his BS in Materials Engineering in 2003.

100_1830We adopted our beloved dog, Lily, shortly after we purchased our first home in 2008.  She was a rescue dog and only 5 months old when we adopted her.  She has been a loving part of our family ever since.

0418161740aFelicity was born in 2010 and is a very perceptive, bright and sensitive little girl.  She has a great deal of empathy for other people’s feelings and has a huge heart, and we are so proud of her for completing her second year of preschool recently.  She loves Cinderella and all things “princess” right now.  Her favorite movies include Cinderella, anything Veggie Tales or Barbie-related, and all Charlie Brown movies.  And she shares her mom and dad’s love for reading!  Her favorite song this year is “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters.

Sarah was born in March 2013.  She didn’t walk until she was 0219161144two years old, but now she gets into everything like a typical toddler.  We love her sweet smile and ability to make anyone’s day brighter.  She is our ultra-extrovert, walking up to total strangers without any “stranger danger” and saying cheerfully, “Hi!”  Her favorite song is “California Dreamin'” by the Mamas and the Papas.  She asks to listen to it daily.

We discovered at her birth that she has a rare genetic syndrome, called Apert Syndrome.  Because this is so new to us, our families and our community, we decided to start a blog that chronicles her medical journey.  Although it has only begun, there have been many amazing ways that God has revealed His plan for Sarah and our family, so we felt it would best be showcased in the written and visual form for those who wish to see the “bigger picture” and remain updated on her journey and ours.

New_LogoWe chose the blog title, “Love Alone Creates,” based upon a famous saying from St. Maximilian Kolbe.  To us, it captures the essence of humanity and all of God’s creation; as humans, we are co-creators with God when a new life begins.  Ben and I have been profoundly humbled by the journey of pregnancy and birth of our own children, and as a result we have a deeper respect and understanding that it is God alone – who is Love personified – who creates human life.

The girls have become very close, despite the fact that they do argue like all siblings do.  Their love has grown into a beautiful friendship, and Sarah often says to Felicity, “Sissy, you’re my best friend!”  Felicity is very protective of Sarah and gives her lots of kisses, also defending her if she overhears someone making a comment about Sarah’s face or hands.



Every human life, even those who are labeled as “different” or who look or act differently than the mass population, is created in love and by Love.  We want people to know that Sarah is a reflection of not only the love of our family, but mostly a beautiful reflection of God’s love.