One of the particularly exciting aspects of being part of the Catholic Marketing Network live conference was meeting and hobnobbing with some amazing brand names in the Catholic media.  Because I have a traditionally published book that is recognized by Catholic media, I am often asked to do big interviews with well-known interviewers, such as Doug Keck from EWTN’s Bookmark program.

Speaking with Doug on-set at the CMN conference was exciting and somewhat distracting, because the din served as background noise for us as we were talking about a pretty intense subject.  I have to admit that Doug is very quick-witted and rather funny, which I thought brought an important levity to the topic of grief.

Although my interview with Doug only lasted about 5 minutes, it was fruitful nonetheless.  Take a peek at about 23:30 to watch my ever-expressive and animated self discuss my book and our sweet Sarah:

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