Imagine my surprise when I was invited to be interviewed on the Busted Halo radio show!  Admittedly, I don’t listen to talk radio much at all (Ben is more into it than I am), but even I have heard of this popular Catholic podcast.  To be asked for an interview on Busted Halo was an indescribable honor.

Fr. Dave asked some very punchy, fast-paced questions, which aren’t my favorite form of interviews, but I have learned how to think on my feet and respond with something equally as punchy.  However, this interview occurred later in the evening during a weeknight, and I was a bit off in my interviewing skills.  You’ll notice I added more “ums” and “ahs,” as well as stuttering and fumbling over my words a bit.

This goes to show two things – One, that no one performs perfectly all of the time, and two, that I am definitely more of a morning than night person!

Here’s the segment from my Busted Halo interview.  Enjoy.

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