As Catholics, we believe strongly in caring for all people and creation, which is evidenced in the Catholic social teaching doctrine.  Among the concepts of solidarity, subsidiarity, caring for creation, and sanctity of human life/dignity of the person, the preferential option for the poor stands out especially today.  So many types of poverty exist in our world, but the fact is that there are more ways we can reach out and help those who suffer from malnutrition, lack of resources and clean water, and no access to proper medical care or shelter.

Among one his many initiatives, Pope Francis is hoping that we will spread the news about a new crowdfunding group called MISSIO.  Originally launched as a mobile app in 2013, this site is set up to raise funds that will help the poorest of the poor – those in most dire need of our help.

Here is the video that explains more about the MISSIO app:

Watch Liam Neeson explain more about this initiative in this short video:

Donate here.  You can even enter to win a chance to go to Rome and have an audience with Pope Francis by clicking here.  You can even keep abreast of new developments by following their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I think most of us can agree that there’s no reason why we all can’t make a difference.  With access to all of these modern amenities and means by which we can donate, volunteer, and spread the word, why remain indifferent?  Change yourself by changing someone’s life today.

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