Many of us are sort of swimming in this sea of uncertainty surrounding the political climate these days.  As a Catholic voter, I’m usually not torn about how to cast my vote each year, but this past year for the presidential election was particularly tough for me.  It seemed that a lot of others were also scratching their heads, furrowing their brows, and praying desperately for wisdom on this election.

So a fellow named Tony contacted me about his ministry, in which he calls himself “Captain Catholic.”  As Captain Catholic, he answers some pretty tough questions that fall on both the political and religious spectra.  For instance, in the video I’ve attached in this blog post, he discusses a very common, albeit tense, question: Should Catholics be Democrats or Republicans?  His answer, rightfully, is that we should be neither.

Captain Catholic has a public group that you can check out on Facebook, too, which engages his followers on a regular basis with questions regarding issues, such as climate change.

It’s not always easy to know what we should say or do in nebulous situations, and I’ve found myself feeling a bit apprehensive when it comes to speaking up about unpopular issues.  Turns out, being a Catholic – and openly so – is enough of an unpopular stance.  And that’s hard for us in this very cutthroat culture.  It seems as if there are always people lurking online and on social media who are ready to chew us up and spit us out without a second thought.

Having two daughters with special needs and being a devout Catholic is a very lonely place to be, I’ve discovered these past 4 years.  I’ve tried to “fit in” with the disability groups that are unaffiliated with any sort of spiritual or religious group, but I always feel there is something lacking.  But then I try to connect with my Catholic friends, and they don’t usually understand the part of our lives that involves numerous doctors and specialists and dealing with special education classes.

Catholicism isn’t easy to live out, as Captain Catholic reminds us.  But we can do it and we aren’t alone.  That’s what I appreciate most about what he is doing.

So I hope you will find some humor and camaraderie in Captain Catholic’s videos and mission.  Please feel free to share with others who may be interested, too.

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