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Coping and Thriving With Apert Syndrome

Maybe you’ve known about Apert Syndrome for a while and have been slowly preparing yourself for your child’s arrival.  Perhaps it was unknown to you prenatally, and you were completely taken aback when your child was born with the features of Apert: mitten hands, fused toes, and a misshapen head.  Either way, life has been [...]

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Catholic Mom Feature

I'm grateful that Barb and Lisa on CatholicMom.com are so accommodating and supportive of their contributors' work.  Barb contacted me to offer posting a little blurb about my book and EWTN interview on the CM website, and here's an excerpt of what I wrote that I think perfectly summarizes what grief is: The key to [...]

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Discussing Special Needs on St. Gabriel Radio

There are few radio interviews that really convict me on a deep, spiritual level.  It's not that I find them mundane or lackluster.  It's just that there are certain questions I "expect" people to ask me, but what makes a huge impact is when the interviewer throws me for a loop.  As in, I was [...]

Connecting with the Special Needs Community in Indiana

I never imagined that one day I would be standing up in front of regional specialists who work with kids who have early intervention needs, such as developmental, physical, speech, and occupational therapists.  As I stood in the small room on a local college campus, I was addressing these, as well as school counselors and [...]

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Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting From Day One

When Sarah was born a little over three years ago with Apert Syndrome, I panicked.  Life as we knew it halted and did a 180 in the direction of...who knew where?  What I wanted was any and every book that could shed light on this new and strange existence, something that would enlighten and encourage [...]