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Learning to Trust God with Psalm 37

Do you ever find a particular Scripture worming its way into your heart?  Or perhaps it’s a subtle tap-tap-tap.  Maybe, as in my husband’s case, it’s a giant brick hitting you over the head.  No matter, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have at least one particular verse or portion of [...]

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Does God Really Answer Prayer?

A friend recently asked me, “How can I know that God answers my prayers?  If I ask Him to heal someone who is sick, and it doesn’t happen, does that mean He didn’t answer?  And if the person gets better, how do I know it was because of prayer?  I don’t know how to pray.” [...]

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Find Tranquility and Spirituality in the Midst of Noise

There's no question that our world is full of incessant noise.  From the constant hum of our washing machines or dryers to loud and overbearing tinks or chirps from our mobile devices, most modern Westerners aren't sure how to find tranquility and solitude in the midst of noise.  Noise distracts us.  It often prevents us [...]

Kresta in the Afternoon Interview

One of my new(er) goals since becoming a published Catholic author has been chatting with Al Kresta on his popular afternoon radio show, Kresta in the Afternoon.  My interview on his show lasted about thirty minutes, and we chatted about the often tough and intense topic of - what else - grief. Since I've been [...]

The Grace of Not Yet: Waiting

What is it about waiting that makes it so repulsive?  Even the word itself conjures interior shuddering.  Waiting is intrusive, yet elusive.  Waiting means we aren't moving, doing, busy.  For a time, we must remain still, and that's what we hate about waiting - the stillness.  Solitude might cause us to cringe, only because we [...]