Catholic Cards

Sometimes I get stumped for creative and modern gift ideas for our godchildren or when our family is invited to a Baptism celebration, First Communion reception, or Confirmation party. How many rosaries will the child receive? How many prayer cards, books, missals, and statues? These are, of course, all wonderful gifts, but kids are often [...]

The Strangers at the Manger

If anyone is familiar with Lisa Hendey, s/he knows that Lisa is a Catholic powerhouse.  For over ten years now, Lisa has been evangelizing internationally through her speaking engagements, book writing, editing, and radio show.  Her work with Catholic Mom has been dynamic, engaging, and encouraging to families all over the world.  And, more recently, [...]

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Joining the Council on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

We never truly know how God is connecting the dots in our lives.  Case in point: I was holed up in my house one dreary, drab winter morning, inwardly sighing at how dreadful and gray everything appeared, both outside and in my life.  I hate stagnancy, especially when it seems as if nothing is moving [...]

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Goshen College Presentation

My dear friend, Julie, approached me in the winter to ask if I would be willing to present on the topic of developmental diagnoses for one of her psychology classes at Goshen College.  Delighted, I eagerly accepted the invitation and prepared a talk centered around a recent video that our friend, Brian Sapp, created about [...]

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Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting From Day One

When Sarah was born a little over three years ago with Apert Syndrome, I panicked.  Life as we knew it halted and did a 180 in the direction of...who knew where?  What I wanted was any and every book that could shed light on this new and strange existence, something that would enlighten and encourage [...]