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Learning to Trust God with Psalm 37

Do you ever find a particular Scripture worming its way into your heart?  Or perhaps it’s a subtle tap-tap-tap.  Maybe, as in my husband’s case, it’s a giant brick hitting you over the head.  No matter, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have at least one particular verse or portion of [...]

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Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Most people are familiar with the newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta, mainly because she was such an iconic figure during her lifetime.  Many have openly shared their experiences meeting her face-to-face or exchanging letters and even short conversations that profoundly touched their lives. But some of us, yours truly included, were never privileged to [...]

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Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children

One of the many perks of attending the Catholic Marketing Network and Catholic Writers Guild conferences this past summer was meeting authors whose works I was previously unfamiliar with.  As we exchanged contact information and swapped books, I realized how much richer my life had become by meeting these lovely authors who were inspired to [...]

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Advice Worth Ignoring

I'll admit something - I usually take good advice, even if it's unsolicited.  I guess it's because I've always known that I don't know everything.  But Dr. Ray Guarendi's newest book, Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You A Better Parent, was a refreshing read for this special needs mama.  I [...]

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There’s No Such Thing As Balance

I hate the word balance—at least the way our modern culture defines it. For most of my adult life, all I’ve heard (or read) is about how to balance work and family life or finding balance when life seems to get out of control.  It’s as if balance is this magical word that creates a [...]

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