There’s No Such Thing As Balance

I hate the word balance—at least the way our modern culture defines it. For most of my adult life, all I’ve heard (or read) is about how to balance work and family life or finding balance when life seems to get out of control.  It’s as if balance is this magical word that creates a [...]

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Suffering Is An Act of Love

“I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen children suffer senselessly.  It’s far more merciful to allow them to die than to suffer.” “If we humanely euthanize pets, why can’t we do the same for people?  I see nothing wrong with this.” These, and other, statements reverberate in my mind in the aftermath of the recent Belgium [...]

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Coping and Thriving With Apert Syndrome

Maybe you’ve known about Apert Syndrome for a while and have been slowly preparing yourself for your child’s arrival.  Perhaps it was unknown to you prenatally, and you were completely taken aback when your child was born with the features of Apert: mitten hands, fused toes, and a misshapen head.  Either way, life has been [...]

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What is the Gift of Tears?

A few years ago, I read an article about the gift of tears and was immediately intrigued.  Most comments centered around people who said they weep freely at Mass when they never used to, or they perhaps became emotional unintentionally.  I had to scratch my head in befuddlement, because it seemed there was more to [...]

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The Question of Identity

As I exited the school building where I lost my cherished career as a school counselor, my heart was overcome with sorrow.  I fulfilled several years’ worth of sacrifice and toil in college classrooms or on site at varying schools for my required number of counseling hours.  I sacrificed time with friends and family in [...]

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