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Amplify with Fr. Ron Lengwin on CBS Pittsburgh

In the flurry of activity that followed my book's release in May, one of the interview requests I received was from Fr. Ron Lengwin on CBS Pittsburgh radio.  He has a slot on secular AM radio, a show called Amplify.  Originally, he asked if I could be interviewed for two hours, but the show started [...]

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Interview on Catholic Comments Podcast

Months ago, I enjoyed an intellectually stimulating conversation with two professors of theology at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska about my book.  Interestingly, the two of them told me they don't typically interview authors, but they saw the spiritual principles in my book and were intrigued. Their podcast is short - about 15 minutes long [...]

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At Home with Jim and Joy

Imagine my surprise when, upon returning home from the Catholic Marketing Network/Catholic Writers Guild conference, I receive an email from EWTN's At Home with Jim and Joy producer.  Naively, I thought he was requesting a radio interview, until I heard back from him with a "Great!  We'll get back with you about travel arrangements." Um, [...]

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Discussing Special Needs on St. Gabriel Radio

There are few radio interviews that really convict me on a deep, spiritual level.  It's not that I find them mundane or lackluster.  It's just that there are certain questions I "expect" people to ask me, but what makes a huge impact is when the interviewer throws me for a loop.  As in, I was [...]

Reflecting on the Orlando Tragedy on Morning Air

It's tough to know where to begin these days when speaking of tragedy.  After the release of From Grief to Grace, I knew I'd have the topic of death and loss coming out of my ears.  What I didn't prepare myself for, however, were the massive losses on a national and global level that have [...]

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