The Question of Identity

As I exited the school building where I lost my cherished career as a school counselor, my heart was overcome with sorrow.  I fulfilled several years’ worth of sacrifice and toil in college classrooms or on site at varying schools for my required number of counseling hours.  I sacrificed time with friends and family in [...]

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Caring for Creation

Pope Francis has become one of the most misunderstood pontiffs in modern history. One of those ways he has been misquoted and misinterpreted is his perspective on the environment and ecology. Some have chastised him for being too left-leaning on such issues, claiming that he views vegetation and animal life as superior to human life. [...]

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Loving the Sinner, Hating the Sin

Over fifty people died in Orlando, and my heart is breaking all over again, just as it does every time I discover a new tragedy that leaves a gaping wound somewhere in the world.  Of course, this has already become a topic of polarization, but what I love about being Catholic is that we often [...]

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Motherhood: On Losing My Mind

When I was single, I would endlessly ponder lofty thoughts and ideals, never realizing how many hours of my day were spend inward rather than expressing my thoughts.  As a natural introvert, this was a normal way of existing, yet I took it for granted more than I knew at the time.  You see, when [...]

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God of the Mess

After an invigorating and edifying (albeit rare) conversation with a faraway friend, I came to realize something that I should have known long ago:  God exists in my messy parenting.  For six years now, since Felicity was a tiny newborn, I've believed the opposite: that I was supposed to somehow magically transform into a long-suffering [...]

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