Motherhood: On Losing My Mind

When I was single, I would endlessly ponder lofty thoughts and ideals, never realizing how many hours of my day were spend inward rather than expressing my thoughts.  As a natural introvert, this was a normal way of existing, yet I took it for granted more than I knew at the time.  You see, when [...]

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God of the Mess

After an invigorating and edifying (albeit rare) conversation with a faraway friend, I came to realize something that I should have known long ago:  God exists in my messy parenting.  For six years now, since Felicity was a tiny newborn, I've believed the opposite: that I was supposed to somehow magically transform into a long-suffering [...]

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Reflecting on the Orlando Tragedy on Morning Air

It's tough to know where to begin these days when speaking of tragedy.  After the release of From Grief to Grace, I knew I'd have the topic of death and loss coming out of my ears.  What I didn't prepare myself for, however, were the massive losses on a national and global level that have [...]

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Embracing the Addict

After learning that the cause of Prince’s death was from prescription medication toxicity, my heart sank.  Each time a person’s life ends due to an overdose, I am filled with a suffocating weight that crushes my spirit.  It’s not because of despair, only a deep sorrow and regret regarding the multiple layers of addiction. I [...]

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Find Tranquility and Spirituality in the Midst of Noise

There's no question that our world is full of incessant noise.  From the constant hum of our washing machines or dryers to loud and overbearing tinks or chirps from our mobile devices, most modern Westerners aren't sure how to find tranquility and solitude in the midst of noise.  Noise distracts us.  It often prevents us [...]