There’s No Such Thing As Balance

I hate the word balance—at least the way our modern culture defines it. For most of my adult life, all I’ve heard (or read) is about how to balance work and family life or finding balance when life seems to get out of control.  It’s as if balance is this magical word that creates a [...]

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Motherhood, A Call To Love

There exists today so much confusion surrounding the Catholic Church, even (sadly) among Catholics themselves.  Many people become polarized by what they think or believe the Church teaches, rather than get to know the truth about her wisdom and beauty.  In her third book, The Church Is Our Mother: Seven Ways She Inspires Us to [...]

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Motherhood: On Losing My Mind

When I was single, I would endlessly ponder lofty thoughts and ideals, never realizing how many hours of my day were spend inward rather than expressing my thoughts.  As a natural introvert, this was a normal way of existing, yet I took it for granted more than I knew at the time.  You see, when [...]

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God of the Mess

After an invigorating and edifying (albeit rare) conversation with a faraway friend, I came to realize something that I should have known long ago:  God exists in my messy parenting.  For six years now, since Felicity was a tiny newborn, I've believed the opposite: that I was supposed to somehow magically transform into a long-suffering [...]

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Why I Don’t Joke Around

Many people believe I am overly intense and too serious. I wouldn't disagree with that, but there is a reason I am cautious about joking around with people. As a perceptive person who picks up on subtle nuances and emotions, I've been present during awkward conversations gone wrong. Several years ago, a good friend of [...]

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