The Grace of Imperfect Motherhood

I’ll be the first to let anyone know that I am not a natural mom. In fact, I never grew up around babies in my small family of origin, and I never babysat. I didn’t like babies, and I certainly didn’t intend to have my own. That was, of course, over twenty years ago, and [...]

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Getting Special Needs Children Involved in Art

Art can be a great form of therapy for children with special needs, especially those who have difficulties with communicating in the verbal sense. When words can’t be used to communicate or express feeling, art can. As a mother of an autistic child, I know how difficult communication can sometimes be between parents and special [...]

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Advice Worth Ignoring

I'll admit something - I usually take good advice, even if it's unsolicited.  I guess it's because I've always known that I don't know everything.  But Dr. Ray Guarendi's newest book, Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You A Better Parent, was a refreshing read for this special needs mama.  I [...]

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There’s No Such Thing As Balance

I hate the word balance—at least the way our modern culture defines it. For most of my adult life, all I’ve heard (or read) is about how to balance work and family life or finding balance when life seems to get out of control.  It’s as if balance is this magical word that creates a [...]

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Motherhood, A Call To Love

There exists today so much confusion surrounding the Catholic Church, even (sadly) among Catholics themselves.  Many people become polarized by what they think or believe the Church teaches, rather than get to know the truth about her wisdom and beauty.  In her third book, The Church Is Our Mother: Seven Ways She Inspires Us to [...]

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