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Getting Special Needs Children Involved in Art

Art can be a great form of therapy for children with special needs, especially those who have difficulties with communicating in the verbal sense. When words can’t be used to communicate or express feeling, art can. As a mother of an autistic child, I know how difficult communication can sometimes be between parents and special [...]

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Coping and Thriving With Apert Syndrome

Maybe you’ve known about Apert Syndrome for a while and have been slowly preparing yourself for your child’s arrival.  Perhaps it was unknown to you prenatally, and you were completely taken aback when your child was born with the features of Apert: mitten hands, fused toes, and a misshapen head.  Either way, life has been [...]

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Henri Nouwen: His Life and Spirit

Like many others who read non-fiction, Henri Nouwen's readers believed they knew him through his literary works.  While it's true that they received glimpses of his personality, the truth is that no one truly knew him by reading his books alone. In his new book, Henri Nouwen: His Life and Spirit, Kevin Burns explores the [...]

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At Home with Jim and Joy

Imagine my surprise when, upon returning home from the Catholic Marketing Network/Catholic Writers Guild conference, I receive an email from EWTN's At Home with Jim and Joy producer.  Naively, I thought he was requesting a radio interview, until I heard back from him with a "Great!  We'll get back with you about travel arrangements." Um, [...]

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Discussing Special Needs on St. Gabriel Radio

There are few radio interviews that really convict me on a deep, spiritual level.  It's not that I find them mundane or lackluster.  It's just that there are certain questions I "expect" people to ask me, but what makes a huge impact is when the interviewer throws me for a loop.  As in, I was [...]