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Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting From Day One

When Sarah was born a little over three years ago with Apert Syndrome, I panicked.  Life as we knew it halted and did a 180 in the direction of...who knew where?  What I wanted was any and every book that could shed light on this new and strange existence, something that would enlighten and encourage [...]

Overcomer: A True Apert Syndrome Story

In his new book, Overcomer: Discovering God's Purpose Against All Odds, Dorsey Ross explains what life is like for him living with Apert Syndrome.  From the beginning of his life, physicians told his parents that Dorsey wouldn't make it and should be institutionalized.  Fortunately, his parents were people of faith who believed that God had [...]

Providential Encounters

Sometimes I wonder if I have grown in small, simple ways.  In the past, I never saw the ordinary ways God orchestrated for spiritually fruitful and Providential encounters with perfect strangers.  Today, it seems to be the norm.  I've come to almost anticipate the surprising ways God may choose my everyday routine to use me [...]

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Tough Talk Christian Radio Interview

Interviews are always interesting, because the host really sets the dynamic of the show in motion - intense, serious, funny or lighthearted, playful, thought-provoking, and sometimes a combination of these.  I've noticed over the past three years that every interview I've had is different, sometimes only slightly, and at other times it's like totally new [...]

A Face Only A Mother Could Love?

I remember growing up and hearing the cliche, "S/he has a face only a mother could love."  I came to understand that this meant some kids were endowed with natural, exterior beauty while others had less-than-desirable looks.  Recently I thought about this phrase, and it took on new meaning.  As a mother of a daughter [...]

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