Suffering Is An Act of Love

“I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen children suffer senselessly.  It’s far more merciful to allow them to die than to suffer.” “If we humanely euthanize pets, why can’t we do the same for people?  I see nothing wrong with this.” These, and other, statements reverberate in my mind in the aftermath of the recent Belgium [...]

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Padre Pio: A Timeless Saint

St. Padre Pio has always been one of my favorites.  Even before his canonization, I felt a strong affinity toward his life and spirituality.  I suppose part of it was due to my parents' love of Franciscan ways, particularly in helping the poor and care for animals.  But I was drawn to St. Pio's white [...]

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Fearless – Live with Love, Not Fear

I've lived most of my life in fear - of everything.  As a child, I was afraid of spiders, heights, the unknown, changes, a new school/classroom/teacher, making new friends, trying different foods, death, sin, climbing a tree, strangers.  You name it, I was likely at least apprehensive about it, but usually it was downright terror, [...]

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What is the Gift of Tears?

A few years ago, I read an article about the gift of tears and was immediately intrigued.  Most comments centered around people who said they weep freely at Mass when they never used to, or they perhaps became emotional unintentionally.  I had to scratch my head in befuddlement, because it seemed there was more to [...]

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Gloriae Dei Cantores – Sounds from Heaven

I've always loved music, pretty much any type you can imagine (except for polka, hardcore rap, and some improv jazz).  As a kid, I grew up listening to Neil Diamond, John Denver, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, and whatever else my parents had on record while they were cooking and cleaning on the weekends and in [...]

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