It doesn’t need to be said that every mom is busy. I’ve come to despise the response, “But I’m soooo busy!” I get it. I have three daughters, all under the age of seven, one of whom has a rare disease. In fact, the former sentence has become a personal cliche of mine. Instead of telling people I’m busy, I try to say that I have to be selective about what I do with my time. Isn’t that true for all of us?

Even for the moms who still claim busyness as their primary reason for not getting together with old friends, forgetting to return an important phone call, or neglecting their prayer lives, The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar by Lisa Hendey is a sure remedy for such hectic living. I’ve had the honor of writing for Lisa at for almost five years now. And I’ve met her in person twice. She is as warm and endearing in person as she is in her writing (which is very accessible and relevant).

Hendey’s desk calendar is both visually appealing and spiritually uplifting. It will become a classic and timeless addition to your daily prayer routine. Each day of the calendar year indicates a particular saint’s feast day or high solemnity (e.g., Christmas), along with an inspirational quote from said saint or a passage from Scripture and concluding with a short prayer. It literally takes two minutes to read your daily reflection and prayer, but what happens is that you ponder that verse throughout your day. And you can revisit it each time you sit down at your desk or pass through a room.

In that sense, the desk calendar takes some of the legwork out of conjuring our own prayer when we are weary or depleted. Hendey has become the conduit of the Holy Spirit, who intercedes with His groanings when we are unaware or incapable of muttering our own prayer.

The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar is the perfect antidote to modern day busyness. Find refreshment for your soul and turn to God with this beautiful flip-top spiritual gem that can be nestled atop your office space.

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