I’ve mentioned before how each radio or podcast interview is so unique, but what’s come to me lately is how God moves so beautifully in ways we cannot foresee or fathom.  I guess we all, to some degree, box and categorize everything, and I’m no different.  When my book was first released, I had in mind several questions that I assumed I would be asked over and over ad nauseum – “What’s the difference between grief and depression?”  “What are some life events that can trigger grief?”  “What is redemptive suffering?”  And the list when on and on.

But I continue to be humbled by our amazing God, because, despite the fact that, yes, I do get asked the same questions over and over again, the conversations always end up drastically different.  That’s how the Holy Spirit moves – He knows who is listening to each broadcast and the message they need to hear in that moment.  That’s why the best interviews, like on Catholic Vitamins with Deacon Tom Fox, are unscripted.

This interview reflects the fact that life is unscripted.  And that’s more than okay – it’s awesome.

Listen to the full podcast below:

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