***I would like to introduce to you Kris, who started topcoloringpages.net and wanted to share his story about fatherhood and how/why he created this website for families with small children. He has been generous enough to make all of his pages free on the website. He does have an entire section that includes Christian coloring pages, which would be a perfect supplement to a religious ed program, Christian preschool program, or homeschooling parent!***

My name is Kris, and I have a little son named Antoni. He joined this world one year ago and turned my life upside down. Everyone tries to be prepared for a baby, but actually no one has succeeded yet!

One could say, “You conceived a child – you a real man now.” But I could not disagree more with that cliché. Conceiving a baby in its nature is not very difficult.  But how about taking responsibility for his future and bringing him up to be a good person? Well, that is totally different story. In my opinion, only by raising a child with moral character will make us feel proud that we fulfilled our responsibility in a good way.

The day Antoni was born, the greatest adventure of my life began. In one small hospital appeared someone who was utterly counting on me. And when I looked in those little hopeful eyes, I knew that I could not let him down. Out of nowhere, I received a great amount of inspiration, and I felt that I should do something with it.

But to do what? Something good for people, for the world? I am not a Leonardo Da Vinci and do not have too many talents. So I had to figure out something that may help others but is achievable for me. And then the idea appeared, and I knew that this (topcoloringpages.net) was it.

I decided to create a website for young children by spreading happiness and education without any requirements and payments.

So I just immersed in this work.

Antoni was a colicky baby, so it was not the easiest period of my life. I slept 6 hours a day, but after several months of intensive work the project was ready!

The website is a place with over two thousand printable coloring pages. All for free. For some people, classic coloring pages are a little bit old fashioned. And this is true. But they are still simple, yet engaging to small children. With couple of crayons in hand, the whole world suddenly slows down. And it may be one of several occasions during the day when parents spend truly quality time with their children. There are never enough of such moments, right?

Is this website with free coloring pages something very extraordinary and spectacular? No it is not. I am aware of the fact that many people are far more talented and achieve much more interesting things than I do.

But let’s consider a different question. Did I try to turn this world into at least a better place to live together? Then my answer will be yes! I would like to use my time, talent, and energy the best way that I’m able. I will never invent a cancer vaccine or cleaner energy sources. I am just not smart enough. But it does not absolve me of the duty to try to do good things being within my reach.

That is my idea of a valuable man: pointing our talents and capabilities in a good direction and making use of them day after day.

And, well, I hope that Antoni and his peers will live in a world that we will not have to be ashamed of. Fortunately, as a father, I am grateful I have been able to play a small part in helping families reconnect with each other in a simple but meaningful way.


Text and Images (c) Kris of topcoloringpages.net