In this segment of Sacrificing Social Media , I am offering what is most comfortable to me in the blogosphere: devotional writing.  I will freely admit that I am somewhat of a technophobe and definitely a novice when it comes to blogging.  I’m not entirely familiar with rafflecopters and tweeting and giveaways.  But what I do love, what is at the heart of the reason why I continue to blog, is to write devotions and reflections.  It is my sincerest hope that you will find some nugget of wisdom or inspiration in the words you read, but even more than that, I pray that all people who somehow land on my blog will be encouraged to go forth and make something amazing of their own lives.

Devotions and reflections are important, because they encourage (and sometimes force) us to slow down, sit, and read in silence.  Pondering in the heart typically follows, and this is where God speaks to us.  We all know intellectually that God does not appear in great flashes of lightning or raucous claps of thunder, but rather in the still, small voice.

It is only in silence and contemplation that we will hear Him speak and breathe His Love into our hearts and lives.  Let us take some time this Lent to ponder, reflect, and pray about our own lives:

Where are we going?  What takes up the most time in our days?  What are my priorities?  My dreams?  Do I give credence and attention to either?  How am I growing in virtue?  To what is God calling me or asking of me?  Am I being obedient to His call?

And, of course, there are many more questions we can – and should – ask ourselves this season; but prayer, fasting and almsgiving should not be restricted to Lent.  Instead, let us incorporate these Lenten practices we develop into our daily lives.

Another great devotion is to sign up for Fr. Robert Barron’s Lenten reflections.

Please peruse and feel free to share!

What are some of your favorite prayers, devotions, or spiritual practices?  Please share!