I was featured in LeTonya Moore’s Real Perspectives show, entitled, “Digital Dating: Horror or Harmony?”  Along with two other guests, we had a round table discussion in a Blab webcast, which was a first for me.  If you watch this episode, you’ll see how inept I was at logging in with my mic and webcam!

It was a delight to open the show telling my story of how Ben and I met on CatholicMatch.com ten years ago.  Back then, meeting someone online was sketchy at best, but definitely taboo at worst.  In fact, a close friend of mine refused to believe in my engagement until she saw a ring on my finger.  She was convinced I was marrying a serial killer!  I guess there aren’t many harmony stories about online dating, so Moore was eager to find out how it worked for me.

After I spoke, cyber safety expert Reginald Corbitt chimed in with safety tips, which were excellent.  (In fact, he and I touched base afterwards to discuss the possibility of his expertise in a collaborative chapter on teaching kids cyber safety in my modern etiquette book.)  Dr. Heather Silvio, a psychologist and author, also offered her expertise (which I didn’t hear, because my computer was having technical difficulties – but I’m sure she was great)!

Here’s the full webcast.  It was just a great conversation with many insightful tips on how to navigate social media appropriately and what to avoid posting online.

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