Imagine my surprise when I was invited to be on Dan Burke’s Divine Intimacy Radio podcast to discuss my book, From Grief to Grace. It’s so interesting how things like this ebb and flow. For quite some time, all has been quiet regarding my book, which was published a year ago. Then momentum picks up unexpectedly, dying down again afterward. I truly see how book writing and promotion is very unpredictable with no rhyme or reason as to how or why it pans out the way it does.

Despite my confusion at the timing of everything, I knew – as I always sense – that God’s hand is at work behind the scenes. He has a very definite purpose for these things happening when they do, even though I would rather have things work out immediately and with no complications or unforeseen disappointments.

Fortunately, Dan Burke and his co-host Melissa did not disappoint. They were both very gracious and asked thoughtful questions. It was a short(ish) interview, lasting about a half hour. I suppose this is a good amount of time to devote to a podcast – not too short, not too long. What really surprised me (pleasantly) was the response I received from listeners – lots of feedback via email, sign-ups on my website, and offers to translate my books into Spanish!

To take a listen, please click below:

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