Family Activities for Lent

As part of Sacrificing Social Media , it seems fitting to offer people alternatives to their use of social media and other technological devices.  Family activities for Lent is a page to peruse some creative, fun, inexpensive, and often heartwarming ways to bond with our loved ones.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to admit that we aren’t exactly great at spending the time we should spend with our family, friends, neighbors, and even with strangers (e.g., the homeless or poor or other needy).  I think all of us could use some more ideas of ways we can unplug from the Internet and plug into the heart of our children or spouse or parents.  Even the elderly couple next door could use a friend or at least some friend-ly conversation!

Use your imagination.  Pray.  Ask others what they do to connect with the people in their lives.  Be inspired by Scripture, devotional readings (such as periodicals like Magnificat)visit websites, such as EWTN or Catholic Answers Live to find resources, podcasts and more that will be sure to enrich your life and your soul!  Ben and I personally love downloading free podcasts from CAL, which are featured on their radio calendar.  We tend to listen to them on our long drives to see my parents or to take Sarah to Indianapolis when she has appointments with her specialists.  Why not switch your regular radio station with a podcast instead?  It’s free, and it’s sure to enrich your faith life and spark conversation with your spouse and children!

Catholic Relief Services is kicking off Lent with some fun Rice Bowl apps and activities, including some videos and meatless recipes (which are simple, easy, fast, and flavorful) from around the world!  What a fun way to engage our families.  Additionally, CRS Rice Bowl will kick off their first Lenten Photo Challenge on March 5. Starting Ash Wednesday, anyone can submit a photo about how they “Rice Bowl” through Twitter or Instagram using the #VivaLent hashtag or upload a photo on their page. Whether it’s making meatless meals, saying the rosary, passing out rice bowls at your parish, incorporating spiritual and corporal works of mercy into your Lent, etc., share how you “Rice Bowl!”! The photo with the most votes at the end wins an Easter basket from CRS Fair Trade.  Please join in, as this is one of many ways we can all increase quality time spent with our families!

Here are some posts with the CRS videos on delicious, ethnic fare:

I know that I often am wracking my brain in order to come up with some new, clever or creative ideas to do with an infant and preschooler.  (Okay, so I admit that I’m better at playing with older kids.)  Thankfully, I received an amazing book, Catholic Family Fun by Sarah Reinhard , which is chock full of activities to do all year round, but I find it especially perfect and applicable for Lent!  I will be posting some ways we have used ideas from the book to fit our family and encourage you to do the same!

Another great idea is the Lenten Activity Calendar – so unique and a similar concept to the Advent calendars most of us are already familiar with.  I am stoked about doing this with our kids, because I’ve always wanted some type of daily “minute meditation” or activity to count down to Easter, and thanks to  Cassandra Poppe , there is now a perfect way to do this!  We are planning to have Felicity participate in this activity, but we have made a few changes in order for it to apply to a 3-year-old.  I will be posting about her progress and our tweaks during Lent.

This page is updated throughout Lent, so please check back regularly to make sure you are finding the new posts.

Remember to post your own family fun ideas and activities, along with your blog link-ups so that we can all follow and network with each other.