Frijoles Volteados from Guatemala is a perfect dish for a simple, protein-rich lunch or even for breakfast.  I love how Fr. Leo uses the immersion/stick blender to puree the black beans and liquid for the bean spread!

These CRS videos are a great educational tool to combine fasting, prayer and almsgiving in one activity that can be celebrated as a family.  Why not incorporate a family project in which the kids learn more about the country and its people while you are preparing and enjoying a meal featuring different cultures and palates?  It’s a perfect way to be in solidarity with others around the world and to teach our children to appreciate simple foods, plus give back to the needy with the money you are saving each time you prepare a meatless meal.

Did you enjoy this meal together?  If so, what did you like about it?  What are some ways you are combining fasting, prayer, and almsgiving in your family’s Lenten practices this year?  Share and comment!

Download, print, and share the recipe.