I’ve always loved music, pretty much any type you can imagine (except for polka, hardcore rap, and some improv jazz).  As a kid, I grew up listening to Neil Diamond, John Denver, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, and whatever else my parents had on record while they were cooking and cleaning on the weekends and in the evenings.

But the music I loved the most – the genre that elevated my soul to the heights of Heaven – always included hymns, chant, and beautiful instrumentals.  In fact, during Christmas or Easter or other holy days, I would sit in my bedroom and imagine the choirs of angels praising God in Heaven.  This always led me to prayer and deep thoughts about God’s goodness and love.

I can honestly say that something similar happened to me while I listened to the collection of Gloriae Dei Cantores.  It was like a fragment of Heaven was unleashed in my van, and the world stilled.  So I stilled.

Life today is far more complicated and frenzied than when I was a child in the 80s.  Without the advanced technology we enjoy today, I didn’t have all of these “extra” gadgets to keep up with and maintain.  I also didn’t feel like everyone was in a constant rush for their “instant” responses and getting all “now.”

But today is much different, of course.  Life for many is frazzled and harried, and few of us pause long enough to enter into that sacred space that permits our minds and souls to be quieted in God’s presence.  The Gloriae Dei Cantores CD collections of chants, motets, Masses, hymns, and more brings the celestial and sublime to you wherever you are – your office, at home, in the car, while you’re jogging.

Everyone in my family, including our young daughters, enjoy the moments we stop talking and listen instead to the Psalms being sung on our way to Sunday Mass.  My husband takes the CDs into the garage during his prayer time for contemplation and holy musings.

Thanks to Paraclete Press, you can enjoy samples and more samples of these CDs.  I would say they make a fantastic gift for the one in your life who appreciates authentic and classical art.  As Christmas approaches, and we scramble to figure out what to purchase for everyone on our lists, why not consider gifts that will draw the ones we love closer to God through art, music, and literature?  Heaven knows we all certainly need more true beauty in our lives, and Gloriae Dei Cantores delivers Heaven to you without fanfare.  It’s the simplicity of song – pure and as prayer – that will be the real gift you bring to yourself and others this Christmas.

Text and Image Copyright 2016 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.