I can’t believe what a whirlwind my life has become.  I guess I am finally getting a taste for the hectic and hurried life of moving fast without a breath in between appointments and interviews.  Let me be clear, though: I don’t do interviews for fame and fortune, because neither have certainly befallen me, anyway.  I do them to a) get word of my new book out, and b) to share our story and inspire or encourage those who are really in a place of darkness.

The best reward is connecting with others who can relate to the deep chasm that remains when we lose someone or something we love dearly.  It’s as if a part of our identity has been stripped away from us, never to return.  And life is never the same.

I’ve discussed really important topics with complete strangers and people of all walks of life: radio hosts, editors and other authors, neighbors, and people waiting in doctor’s offices or in the check-out lane at the grocery.  It’s amazing that, since Sarah has blessed our family with her presence, I rarely have a mundane conversation with anyone.

And that was no different when I chatted with Deacon Jim of the Redeemer Morning Show on Redeemer Radio, which is the Catholic station serving the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, where I live.  The title was about grief and joy, which we briefly discussed, but mostly we talked about why and how grief and depression differ and what our culture misunderstands about both.

The short clip is below, which you can listen to anytime, but I’m delighted that Andrea, the show’s producer, wants to make this a series interview over the course of several different days.  That will be a treat to share with all of you, mainly because of this one point:

I want you to share it with others. 

You know at least one person who is hurting terribly, and you have no idea how to reach that person.  Send them the link to one of my interviews or my books.  I realize they may ignore it altogether or get defensive at your offer, but you never know when they just might look into finding hope and strength in someone else’s story…including yours.


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