I recently had an opportunity to chat with four other self-published authors on The Segilola Salami Show, which is featured on YouTube and Google Hangouts.  We were fiction and nonfiction writers coming together not just to discuss our books, but also to converse more generally about Kindle Unlimited and its benefits and drawbacks.

Most people had virtually nothing negative to say about Kindle, except me.  I was surprised that no one agreed with me about the potential downfalls of having an indie book on Kindle Unlimited, which makes it accessible for free to all Prime members.  The argument against my comment was that “people who download books for free aren’t going to buy your book, anyway.”

While I understand that point, my main premise (that I obviously didn’t communicate) was that I don’t want to reach just any readers.  I don’t want anyone and everyone to read my book merely because it’s a freebie.  Rather, I want people who are genuinely interested in my books and who will benefit from them to read them.

The conversation was lively and jovial, however.  Despite the technical challenges (which goes with the territory on any podcast), each author had very thought-provoking comments, and I found myself engaged and intrigued nearly the entire forty minutes.

If you want to check it out, here’s the video.

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