Be inspired.  Be encouraged.  Be challenged.

We know that you don’t always have the words to describe your emotions in life.  All of our experiences tend to be multifaceted and complex.  Be inspired by these words of wisdom that will comfort, encourage, and challenge you to overcome your difficulties.

“Many people possess cities and fortresses, but unless they are in possession of themselves in love for virtue they will discover that they aren’t anything but empty.” ~St. Catherine of Siena

“Love, not intelligence, makes us human.” ~Madeline Nugent from My Child, My Gift

“Look up to heaven, and do not forfeit it for earth.” ~St. Frances de Sales

“We have not to change our nature but to repair what is defective in it.” ~Bl. Columba Marmion

“What God wants from you is your heart.” ~St. Luigi Guanella

“When in our prayers we ask for things concerning our salvation, we conform our will to God’s.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas

“Maintain your virtuous abandonment to God, the center of peace. In every event, we are to remind ourselves that the Heart of Jesus Christ is surrounded with thorns; thus, we will have peace and comfort.” ~St. Gaspar del Bufalo

“If God is trying us with tribulations and punishments, He is doing so in order to bring us to mercy and allow us to enjoy calm after the storm, to give us joy after sorrow and happiness after our weeping.” ~St. Pius X

“The believer knows that even higher than a child’s life is the child’s soul. Thus the follower of Christ, of whom this brave mother is a forerunner (Mary), will die for love.” ~Heather King

“Do not abandon me in time of trouble, in the midst of storms and dangers.” ~Sirach 5:10

“When we are perplexed by certain situations and do not know what to do, we must raise our eyes to God from whom alone we can hope for enlightenment, inspiration and help.” ~St. Pius X

“The Christian religion is only for one who needs infinite help. That is, only for one who feels infinite anguish. The whole earth can suffer no greater torment than a single soul. The Christian faith – as I see it – is one’s refuge in this ultimate torment. Anyone to whom it is given in this anguish to open his heart, instead of contracting it, accepts the means of salvation in his heart. (Ludwig Wittgenstein) We don’t have to go up to him; he comes down to us. We want a doctor, a hospital, meds; he gives us himself. We want to stop the suffering; he says, I’ll suffer with you.” ~Heather King

“We must love while we suffer and we must suffer if we love.” ~St. John Vianney

“Let those who are humbled by temporal adversity take joy from the expectation of an eternal inheritance.” ~St. Gregory the Great

“Virtues become our possession when they are, through practice, woven into our nature.” ~St. Basil

“Let us always share in the sorrows of Mary, when we see her beside the cross of Jesus. Let us pour out our tears to her in the saddest moments of our life.” ~St. John XXIII

“The cross will certainly be dear to you if the crucified Jesus is very dear to you.” ~St. Luigi Guanella

“O my Savior, I adore you for your infinite wisdom, which sees what we do not see.” ~Bl. John H. Newman

“Creation is a mystery of infinite generosity. It is an overflow of the divine love. God loves. He cares. He creates. God is love. We are an act of that love-made-flesh. We merely give God external glory and honor. As Saint Ireneas says so beautifully: ‘The glory of God is the living person – the person who is fully alive. And our life is the vision of God.’” ~Fr. Anselm Moynihan, O.P.

“God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb; we are always given special graces with which to endure extraordinary misfortunes. Patience makes the unpreventable tolerable…” ~Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J.