Well, I’ve discovered something about myself, and it’s this – I LOVE RADIO!  Because I’ve been a frequent guest on a variety of radio shows and podcasts, I’ve come to really enjoy it.  I get excited about it.  There’s something within me that is ignited, and my personality emerges in full force (the good side, that is).

So chatting with Danielle Bean for her “Girlfriends” podcast was natural and fun.  It truly did feel as if I were sitting down with a nice cup of tea and just opening up about life in general.  Danielle’s flair for making her guests feel comfortable was palpable, and our conversation just naturally unfolded.

And I realized something as I was talking – I miss being with my friends.

Maybe that’s why I’ve come to love radio and impromptu, off-the-cuff, candid conversations with radio personalities.  Maybe it’s why I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting my own podcast.  I think my lack of connection with good friends has somehow been roused through these interviews, and I realized all too clearly that I truly miss those carefree, timeless moments with friends and family.

Being a writer is tough, because we have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to produce our work.  Living inside one’s head is kind of creepy (but necessary), and writing can be an intense and lonely process.  That’s why it’s crucial to get outside of the hole and connect, which is exactly what I did with Danielle on “Girlfriends.”

Still, I look forward to that face-to-face lunch or coffee date with a long lost friend.

Here’s my interview with Danielle:

[podcast] Easy Ways to Improve Your Marriage #013

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