I’ve been a member of the Catholic Writers Guild for almost five years now. It’s been such an integral part of my journey as a writer, especially as I was just starting out and needed to get my feet wet, so to speak. I didn’t know where to begin or how to craft any sort of professional query or proposal. My fellow Guildies were so incredibly charitable in helping me obtain the necessary contacts and skill set I needed to be successful. Even more, they were my best cheerleaders when I was drowning in doubt.

One such Guildie is Gary Zimak. He is a prolific author on the subject of overcoming anxiety and has a number of books on the topic. He also has a radio show in Pennsylvania called Spirit in the Morning. I had the honor of meeting Gary in person at the Catholic Marketing Network live conference last summer (2016), but only briefly.

Fast forward a year later, and Gary invited me through my publisher, Sophia Institute Press, to be interviewed for a fast-paced ten minutes live on his program – about my book, From Grief to Grace. It’s so interesting to me that, even a year later, people might be interested in my book. I thought it had become “old” news, but I am glad it has sold steadily. It may not be a hot-off-the-press type of book that couldn’t stay on bookshelves, but instead it seems to be one of those slow-and-steady-wins-the-race types of books – a slow but constant stream of sales that are generated over time.

That’s what I wanted – a timeless book.

So I chatted with Gary in lively banter for about ten minutes, and he invited me to come back on some time to delve further into some of the topics of my book. I was surprised, pleasantly, but accepted the offer. It’s amazing to me that God arranged everything providentially on a weekday morning (right around breakfast time) for a homeschooled first grader, a loud and boisterous preschooler, and a newborn to somehow be quiet for those ten minutes. It was golden!

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