Last week I had the privilege of speaking with Teresa Tomeo on her radio show, “Catholic Connection,” which airs weekdays on Ave Maria Radio.  I’ve followed Teresa’s shows and books for quite some time, so chatting with her about my new book was a particular thrill!

In the twenty minute clip below, you’ll hear about how our story with Sarah (and my subsequent experience of grief) ties in to how and why I wrote the book, From Grief to Grace.  It’s a common misconception that my book exclusively focuses on Sarah’s condition or is only for caregivers of special needs children.  Actually the truth is quite contrary to that.  When I wrote the book, I had anyone who has ever suffered from loss in mind.

I don’t think we really believe that change – which involves both loss and potential – is cause for grief, but it can be.  Any change in our lives can trigger those unsolicited emotions of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, anger, and fear.  Of course, they can also be cause for celebration, enthusiasm, and anticipation.  We don’t always know why some changes trigger emotions relating to grief, while others bring us great joy, but it’s important for us to pay attention to those situations – outside of death – that sweep a sense of sadness over us.

Teresa and I talked about the difference between grief and depression (another misconception), and we briefly touched on a few of the six spiritual principles I included in From Grief to Grace.  The conversation was honest and authentic, which is how I like to keep all conversations!  I hope you’ll enjoy this twenty minute clip.

Text Copyright 2016 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.
Image Copyright 2015 “Hand” by BreakingTheWalls on Pixabay and edited in Canva by Jeannie Ewing.