I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know many talk radio hosts or channels.  Of course, I know the “big” names in Catholic media, like Teresa Tomeo, Al Kresta, Johnette Benkovic, and Jennifer Fulwiler.  But there are many talented radio hosts, all of them vastly different from one another, so I’m always eager to be interviewed when asked.

Jon Leonetti’s producer set up an interview with me to discuss From Grief to Grace, and I suspected it would be one of those fast-paced, ten minute gigs where I had to be quick-witted.

I was right.

Unfortunately, when I am interviewed at 7 AM on a weekday following a pretty intense holiday weekend, I’m not exactly “up on my game.”

Only I was…sort of.

God has a way of using us when we seriously believe we are tongue-tied and incapable.  I certainly felt that way on Tuesday, May 31.  It was only moments before my girls were sure to awake and whine for breakfast, and I had to hold my breath, praying earnestly that they wouldn’t interrupt this live broadcast.

Whew.  No worries.

I shouldn’t fret about how and when and why things happen, but I nearly always do.  It’s that trust thing with God.  One would think I’d have figured it out by now with a book discussing abandonment and holy indifference.

That’s what is so great about my life’s witness, though.  I don’t hold any pretenses about who I am.  Instead, I prefer to be forthright about my weaknesses.  It makes me more human and accessible, which is what people need – and want.

Fortunately, though it wasn’t my best effort, Jon Leonetti was gracious enough to invite me for a longer interview on his podcast, which honestly surprised me, given the fact that I was “um-ing” and “uh-ing” quite a bit.

Take a listen for yourself below.

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