One of my new(er) goals since becoming a published Catholic author has been chatting with Al Kresta on his popular afternoon radio show, Kresta in the Afternoon.  My interview on his show lasted about thirty minutes, and we chatted about the often tough and intense topic of – what else – grief.

Since I’ve been discussing my book with various media professionals, most questions I come to expect and have formulated fairly articulate responses to.  Kresta, however, asked me some very personal, poignant questions that caught me off guard – in a good way, of course.  One of them was asking me to define my experience of joy mingling with sorrow as “pangs of joy.”  What a beautiful description, and I told him so!

The other question that really convicted me to think and pray further was regarding my upbringing.  Al asked me if I believed I left home to get married in order to escape the suffering that was happening in my family of origin (regarding my brother’s mental illnesses and addictions).  I had never, never before considered this to be a possibility, but I told him honestly that maybe this was true.  Maybe I did leave home in order to evade the ongoing strife in my family.

Naturally, there was no judgment on either his or my part concerning my family of origin, only thoughtful and thought-provoking questions that needed to be probed further on my part.  I appreciated his ability to cut to the core and skip the superficial.  That’s my kind of interview.

So here’s the entire segment.  Enjoy!

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