Adapted from the recipe in More with Less cookbook.

Combine in a bowl:
2 c cooked, cooled lentils, drained
1 egg
1/2 c cracker crumbs (or bread crumbs)
1 small onion, minced
tomato juice
salt and pepper
(We like to add some TVP – Texturized Vegetable Protein – to thicken our mixture, along with some other spices in our cupboard that will add a little zest or zip.  My husband likes to add a barbeque rub or some cumin.)
I also added some black beans, mashed.


Mix all ingredients together using just enough tomato juice to hold the mixture in shape when pattied.  Make 6 patties of approximately equal size.  Fry like hamburgers in small amount of hot oil.

Serve with or without buns and with typical burger accompaniments: lettuce, cheese, tomato slices, condiments.  Add a side salad or some sweet potato fries to make a complete meal and enjoy!


Tip:  Instead of mincing an onion, try dry onion soup mix!  Yummy and a time saver.