Lentils_Meatless Meals

Why lentils, you may ask yourself, as you peruse this section of Sacrificing Social Media ?  There are myriad meatless meals and recipes out there, so why have I chosen to focus on lentils specifically as the feature of each weekly dish?

I’m so glad you wondered!  To be honest, I had never tried lentils until about a month ago after receiving a gem of a cookbook, More with Less , from a friend and neighbor as a birthday gift.  Once I adequately dog-eared dozens of pages, I realized it was time to actually try some of the recipes.  And you know what?  I absolutely fell in love with lentils!

Lentils are a type of legume, along with other beans that may be more familiar, such as kidneys, pintos, black, garbanzos, navy, Great Northern, etc.  What is amazing about lentils, though, is that, unlike their dried counterparts, lentils do not have to be soaked ahead of cooking time!  To me, that is a relief and a time saver, so I was definitely excited to try them.  In addition, they are very affordable dried and can be stored in bulk containers for future use.  So that makes for an economical meal, and I’m all about that, too!

Each link includes full recipes, along with photos, as well as options to make the meal more economical and/or to save time!  What busy, modern mom these days doesn’t want to know about that?

So, though it may be a bit kitschy and corny, I did think the play on words was too good to pass up for such a season as Lent.  Besides, couldn’t we all use less meat in our diets?  And put a few more pennies in our pockets in the process of eating less meat?

Go ahead, enjoy and share!  L’chaim!  To life!

Check out some other meatless meals you can share and enjoy with your family; let’s make a pledge to increase our plant-based diets throughout the year, not only during Fridays in Lent!  Catholic Relief Services published some cooking videos of meatless meals from around the world, so check them out below:

What are some of your favorite meatless recipes?  Share below!