Editor Alicia von Stamwitz concludes her Introduction to Mother Mary: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis with the words, “Although the chapters and quotations in this collection have been arranged in a certain way, they may be read in any order. Let your curiosity be your guide. Trust it, trust yourself, and trust that the message you most need to hear will find you” (p. vi).

In a conglomeration of reflections, homilies, tweets, and public addresses, Pope Francis displays his signature spiritual authenticity and emotional transparency of the heart language. Trust to his vocation of encountering all people with God’s mercy, his musings on the Blessed Virgin Mary gather deep and sincere love for Our Lady with a familiarity and fondness that is certain to attract both Marian devotees and skeptics alike.

An example of his honest and endearing approach to our spiritual mother is illustrated in his August 15, 2015 tweet on the Feast of the Assumption:

Mary’s life shows that God accomplishes great deeds through those who are the most humble.

Simple to read and organized loosely by theme, Mother Mary: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis is a perfect companion to those who practice daily prayer or attend weekday Mass. It’s also ideal for additional spiritual reading during the Marian months of May and October for personal enrichment. Purchase one for you or as a gift for someone’s birthday, Confirmation, or reception into the Church.

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