Well, friends, I have to admit that I was entirely shocked to receive an email from the producer of Relevant Radio’s Morning Air show the day my first December article for Catholic Exchange was published.  My article was one of many in the sea of online publications, and it wasn’t even really my best piece.  But when I was invited to be on Morning Air to discuss (for 10 minutes max) five ways to engage children this Advent, naturally I accepted.

My life seems to waffle between the mundane and super-exciting, so why not add some pizzazz to the already buzzing holiday preparations?

I have to say, it never gets old being interviewed on radio shows.  I always enjoy the hospitality of the hosts, as well as the conversation that ensues.  Let’s just say God is good, and He has provided a way for me to speak when He places a message in my heart.

You can listen to the interview here:

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