I’m really enjoying these daily blogging challenges for summer, because I can too often get into a writing slump.  I suppose we all tend toward the familiar and comfortable.  But it’s high time that my family join in the summer fun that everyone else is indulging in to one degree or another!  We seldom jump into fun, because, well, our life is typically crisis management on a day-to-day basis.

So here’s to summer fun and timeless memories!

1.  Dip my toes into the Pacific Ocean.

This one won’t be so difficult to do, since Ben and I are taking Sarah to California in only a week!  Living in the Midwest has its advantages.  For instance, we experience all four seasons.  We have a lot of green (kind of like Ireland) and a variety of wildlife.  But what we don’t have – and what I often long for – are the rhythmic ocean waves that calm the mind, heal the body with its salty goodness, and soothe the soul.  Yes, I am looking forward to the Pacific Ocean!

2.  Make homemade sweet tea for the July 4th holiday.

Well, many of my fondest summer memories involve summer sweet tea.  With those humid days in southern Kentucky, sweet tea was, of course, a southern must-have.  Living in the north, we don’t see that too often – unless it is a quick stop at McDonald’s – but I am all about reliving my past in homemade goodness.  My mom’s recipe involves old-fashioned tea bags, a glass gallon container, just a smidgen of sugar, and some fresh spearmint leaves from the garden.  Mmmm, I can taste it already!

3.  Take Felicity camping.

Our oldest daughter, Felicity, is a nature lover.  As an infant, she “got” the reality that nature is healing and grounding.  My husband and I have always been fans of the outdoors, particularly tent camping, and we realized that Felicity was getting old enough to probably appreciate a grand experience of wilderness living.  I envision a night hike with her ladybug flashlight, a hike in the woods, and swimming in the lake…oh, and definitely roasting hot dogs and marshmallows by the campfire!

4.  Sitting on my porch swing and read something from my bookshelf.

I am an avid reader and have been since I could learn to read.  I suppose that does go along with writing (wink wink)!  I warmly recall sitting on the back screened-in porch of my childhood home on those lazy summer days and curling up on the wicker couch with my latest edition of The Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High.  I grew up on these cheesy tween novels, but they were the impetus for me to believe that maybe – just maybe – I could write for publication, too.  I’d like to relive a bit of my childhood and sit on my back porch swing with one of my (many) books I’ve been stashing away to read on those lazy summer afternoons.

5.  Visit extended family…

…because I rarely see them, and it’s high time I made a point to spend some quality time – that carefree timelessness that is so rare in our Information Age – with my flesh and blood.  I’ve always wanted our girls to grow up with their cousins, and it’s time we take a road trip in the next month to spend a weekend with them.

6.  Finish Phase I of my new website.

This one has been lagging in my motivation for months.  I am not a natural techie guru, so blogging and the like is truly cumbersome for me to learn.  And now I have a new grief ministry that needs an appropriate face.  So my goal is to get the content polished and freshened up while creating my free download to all subscribers and then finally putting out great content on a weekly basis!

7.  Take at least 2 trips to The Chief ice cream stand.

Ok, for out-of-town folks, there’s this fantastic homemade ice cream stand (yes, it’s a stand, as in you stand outside to pick up your ice cream and then eat it in the car or somewhere outside) that uses real cream.  The Chief is the local go-to summer joint for all things frozen treats.  Their banana split and turtle sundaes are sinful…but worth the extra calories at least twice a year.

I’m sure there’s far more I could – and should – be doing with my summer.  I love the long days and short nights, the sweet heat outside and air-conditioned indoors, the fresh flowers and evening lightning bugs.  But truthfully I need to slow down.  Once these seven activities are checked off my list, I intend to rest a bit more so that I don’t miss out on the quiet, hidden moments of beauty and pleasure that so often pass me by.

I hope you can do the same!

What are your summer plans?

Text Copyright 2015 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.
Image Copyright 2014 “Deck Chairs” by Stevebidmead on Pixabay and edited in Canva by Jeannie Ewing.