Compelling, riveting books are rare these days. Most of the time, when I review books, I am reading content written by very good writers who are able to articulate their premises thoroughly. They introduce new concepts to the reader quite well, and they elaborate with thoughtful reflections and relevant anecdotes.

But do they grip my heart? Sometimes. Do they change my life dramatically? Rarely.

In Charles Piccirilli’s memoir, Once I Was Blind But Now I See, I was captivated from the beginning. You see, the world is in a state of tumult, confusion, and despair. The world continues to tell us that seeking pleasure, power, and prestige are the antidotes to such darkness. But Piccirilli reminds us that it is God who liberates. It is God alone who frees us from the darkness of sin.

Piccirilli is honest about his journey from the slavery of various sins, including addiction and the occult, to authentic life in Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit is evident as he describes very ordinary situations that God clearly inserted His voice into. How refreshing to be reminded that God loves us each individually, that He died for me! Piccirilli demonstrates that truth in his story, which is woven with brokenness turned into wholeness.

Incredibly, Piccirilli seems to exhibit the spiritual charism of healing (my observation). Again, this was so encouraging to read about real-life events in which God showcased His presence through miraculous healings and transformations, often through the intercession of Piccirilli and the Spirit-filled prayer groups of which he has been a part.

For any Christian who is discouraged by the direction our world is headed; for anyone who is a skeptic or seeker; for those who genuinely long to be uplifted and reminded of God’s unfathomable love – Once I Was Blind, But Now I See is a perfect book to read. The reader will discover in the pages of this book that his life, too, has been filled with abundant blessings and miracles from Heaven. An ideal book for summer reading or even for group study through a parish program, Once I Was Blind, But Now I See will change your heart and your life.

Text (c) Jeannie Ewing 2017, all rights reserved.