By now, I’ve appeared on over a dozen radio shows.  While I’m not a veteran, I am certainly no novice to radio.  I’ve been on fast-paced, 7-minute segments with three interviewers, and I’ve been on the hour-long, more casual conversations with one radio host.

My favorite are the hour-long conversations.  They remind me of the “carefree timelessness” that Matthew Kelley coined in his book, Rediscover Catholicism.  I miss the gift of time.  It’s so seldom that any of us spend a chunk of time beyond the ten or fifteen minutes of our day, yet those hours that go by when we choose to devote ourselves to a conversation are often the most meaningful and profound.

I have to admit that this interview with Sr. Marie on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel, Pathways of Learning, has been – by far – the best interview I’ve done to date.

By best, I mean that the questions were important.  They weren’t generalizations or speculations.  Sr. Marie understood my heart.  She spoke directly to it, which I believe allowed me to be more authentic in my responses.  It was a conversation, yes, an interview, yes, but it was far more than that.  It was an encounter of the heart.

Take a listen for yourself.  It is worth the hour of your time.

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