This week Fr. Leo explains how to prepare Haiti’s national rice dish.  I love his idea about using the money we would otherwise spend on dinners out or a more expensive meal towards our Rice Bowl total; the truth is, the money we are saving can be a form of almsgiving, not just during Lent, but throughout the entire year.  After you turn in your Rice Bowl, why not place a pretty jar (the kids could even help decorate it) in a prominent place in your home where loose change and even bills can be easily placed?  Then periodically decide as a family how you want to spend the money or what specific charitable cause you wish to support.  Everyone could even take turns deciding where to donate the extra money.  What a great opportunity to model and teach our children about the importance of helping those in need, which can also be a way to catechize them about the corporal work of mercy, “feeding the poor” or “clothing the naked.”

Be creative in the ways you can help those in need.  What are some ways your family has offered up alms this Lent?  Share your ideas; I’d love to read about them!

Feel free to print, download, and share the recipe for today’s meal.