Every parent wants their children to grow up and make an indelible mark on the world in some significant way, yet most of us fail to understand what it means to do this by way of holiness rather than worldly success. Unfortunately, the world tells us that making a difference translates into high credentials, lots of academic internships and dissertations, plus some level of influence or power.

Dolls From Heaven, a fairly new company that manufactures beautiful 18″ dolls of women saints and coordinating accessories and books, believes that saints change the world by acting as incredible witnesses of faith.

Because my girls are young, they love playing with dolls. But the early dilemma for most of us is, which doll should they aspire to be like? There are myriad options, from the classic Barbies to the weird and obnoxious Bratz. What’s the better choice? American Girl dolls, of course, we hear in our circle of family and friends.

But now there is the best choice – Dolls from Heaven. Not only are they similar to the 18″ American Girl dolls, but the stories are real, genuine life stories we can share with our daughters! They are not based on fictional characters modeling secular heroism. Instead, they are true heroines – saints of long ago and saints of our more modern days. They are the women we hope our daughters will strive to emulate, pray to, and model their own faith after.*

Our family read the She is Joan of Arc book that accompanies the beautiful doll, and the story of Joan of Arc’s life led to many colorful questions and discussions about conflict, persecution, and understanding how we can discern God’s voice above the rest of the noise we encounter every day.

You can purchase an entire set, which includes a doll, his/her accessories, and the book of his/her life story for a nominal price. It’s actually an incredible gift idea for the child in your life who has a vivid imagination and loves to role play with stuffed animals and dolls.

Consider Dolls from Heaven if you are stumped about what to give your godchild for First Communion or as a birthday or Christmas gift. They are beautiful keepsakes, durable, and certain to jump start many important conversations in the family.

*There is also a St. John Paul II doll, but for the sake of our family’s personal experience, I referenced the women saints here.

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