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Join others in the Sacrificing Social Media campaign as we attempt to modify our lives as Catholic-Christians during Lent.  Lent is a time to put things into perspective – where we hold our priorities, how much time we truly attend to prayer and silence, spending more time with our families and perhaps even the wider community.  Because we live in an era in which social media has made communication instant and often impersonal, Sacrificing Social Media is an attempt to restore personal, face-to-face communication and contact with the people in our lives, be they neighbors, fellow parishioners, and of course family and friends or even the stranger.

During Lent, you – and anyone, young or old, Catholic or non-Catholic – can choose to join Sacrificing Social Media by pledging (not necessarily publicly) to cut out some segment of your use of social media during the season of Lent.  It is a type of fast, in which you prayerfully consider how much you feel would be a true sacrifice of your time to refrain from logging into Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and the like.  Perhaps you can reasonably sacrifice a few hours per day, in which you turn off all technological devices.  Maybe you can give one day per week, or even a few days per week.  Some people may be so brazen as to sacrifice their entire Lent by giving up all social media.  Whatever you feel you can reasonably commit to, based upon your vocation and vocation-within-your-vocation (e.g., job), please join others and certainly pass along the word!

During Lent, our blog will feature several categories as an alternative to social media in order to keep you motivated and (hopefully) inspire you in your journey to sanctification.  The following includes some ideas for keeping Lent sacred; it is my hope that others who have blogs will share their Lenten ideas and activities, as well.

  • Devotions and Reflections This segment features (at least) weekly reflections and meditations that are designed to kick-start or enrich your prayer life, including ways to increase the spiritual and corporal works of mercy into our daily lives.
  • Family Activities Here are some alternatives to our use of social media and all of technology; the ideas listed are applicable to entire families in order to increase family bonding time and balance our use of virtual devices.
  • LENTils: Meatless Meals for Lent A list of meals featuring lentils that are available during all Fridays, as well as Ash Wednesday, during the Lenten season.  Included are the recipes (with photos), as well as ways to save time while cooking these delicious, homemade meals!


Sacrificing Social Media is inspired by the increasing need to love.  All too often, we hastily type those text messages, tweets, emails or Facebook updates.  We search Google; we repin on Pinterest; we network on LinkedIn.  But all the while, are we spending those seconds, minutes, perhaps even hours to truly love?  Are we working towards the dreams or goals we have set for ourselves or that we, as a family, have longed to achieve?  It is my sincerest prayer that Sacrificing Social Media won’t just be about fasting from social media, but will truly enrich and enliven your spiritual journey, your relationships with God, self, and others, and restore interior peace and harmony to your life!

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Join us on Ash Wednesday, March 5,  and throughout Lent to simplify and destress your life!  May this Lent bring you the love that God wishes to overflow into your heart.

A.M.D.G. “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” = All for the greater glory of God

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