Back in March, I was honored to participate in the Catholic Conference For Moms online conference.  What a fantastic opportunity to share with other moms who are busy and don’t necessarily have the time or babysitter to go out to a venue and sit in a workshop or attend a 3+ day long conference!

Here is the video of my presentation, and I’m super excited to share it with all of you.  Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you think may benefit from it.  My intent was to target parents who do not have children with special needs, because I realize that many of you don’t always know what is helpful or not when approaching other special needs parents in the store, neighborhood park, at church, etc.

Realize that, in most ways, we are just like your family, but we don’t often have the energy or extra time to call people, sit and chat for lengthy amounts of time, and it is hurtful to hear about how we should be grateful our child isn’t dying.

If you are friends with someone who has a child or children with special needs, please watch this presentation.  I simply share my story of what comments have and haven’t been helpful to us in our unique journey.  But above all, please remember one thing: Reach out, because chances are slim that we will reach out to you.

It’s never wasted for you to extend ways you may feel called to help a family in crisis.  We always appreciate the ways you care.

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